Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Faster than a speeding Golden Retriever

So, Darwin has been absent from his blog for a few days from no fault of his own. His Mom just happened to have some midterms that ate up about 70 hours of her life last week, and so he was not able to make an appearance.

However, those are over now, so... back to the regularly scheduled Corgi-fest.

Well, as I indicated earlier, Darwin had his graduation walk on Friday for Intermediate obedience. He passed with flying colors, and after the obedience 'exam,' we were invited to do a couple of activities (The Longest Stay, and The Fastest Dog). For the latter, the dogs were placed in a 'wait' on one end of the aisle and the owners walked down a ways and called the dog to come from the wait. Whoever arrived back at their owner the fastest was pronounced the winner.

Darwin's competition was a golden retriever named Mojo. Mojo's owner turned to me and told me that I was probably at a disadvantage having a dog with such short legs. I told him that, while Darwin's legs were short, he is a fast little bugger.

Sure enough, when it came time to release the dogs, Darwin beat the pants off of the golden retriever, frantically racing towards me at top speed. He even had to make a few victory lap zoomies afterwards, to continue proving that he was the 'fastest dog.'

He continues to try to break his speed record on a daily basis.




Blast off!

Let's just hope I can channel this rocket-powered drive when we begin agility next summer...

-Mel, Corgi-keeper

**Photo by Diane Hargreaves