Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In which Darwin meets his older (half) brother...

*Apologies: I have not figured out how to put these pictures behind a cut, so they will be spamming this entire page, most likely.

A few weeks ago, Darwin had the fortunate privelege of meeting his older half brother. Jarod (the border collie lab mix in the photos) was originally my dog, brought into my life with an unknown past from a shelter in 2005. Unfortunately, life in an apartment did not suit him (he was very anxious about life and overall rather miserable with the situation), and he went to live with my parents where he has become a completely new dog. I miss him, but it makes me so very happy to know that he is enjoying his life and is spoiled to boot.

To return to the story, my parents were down a few weeks ago with Jarod, and Darwin came with us to meet him. Jarod was jealous of the puppy at first, but, after a pack walk and an adventure at a dog park, decided that the little guy was worth defending (and playing with). Below is a pictorial detailing of their adventure together.

Smiley Jarod greets the photographer.

Darwin says, "Okay, Mom. You said I needed to go in here for a nap before our walk, but, you see, there's just a lot going on out there, and I really want to be a part of it!"

A short time later, three dogs convene at the local dog park.

And engage in Highly Important Pack Sniffing Exercises... (Darwin loves to do what the big dogs do).

"What's over there? And why is there a fence between me and it."

The Pack heads home.

Returning home, the canine duo engage in a Group Sitting Exercise (for treats, of course!).

And then the fun really began! The corgi zoomies suddenly started up, and away he went!

Until Jarod almost caught him.

But with a quick lane change, Darwin managed to get ahead again!

That is, until he pooped out on the lawn.

"I may be little, but I'm gonna eat your face!"

"And then lick it in deference."

Darwin says, "I'm a puppy. See my belly?"

The duo, together.

Tired, happy boys.

-Mel, Corgi-keeper

Monday, June 29, 2009

All wrapped up and no where to go!

This is what is known at our house as 'burrito dog.' We also have a 'taco cat' sometimes, but she is not the subject of this blog.

-Mel, Corgi-keeper

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Happy you're a whole five months old now, Buddy!" Day, Darwin!

Today, Darwin reached the tender age of five months. My, how he has grown! He is no longer quite as stubby and most certainly longer. So, to celebrate, I thought I would post photos from when we met him to some taken present day.

Darwin at 3 months, photos taken at his breeder's (in fact, she is the one in the second image).

And Darwin from our walk near campus today.

I have so many pictures to share, and will perhaps try and post one a day or something like that.

**And on a random note, Darwin had his first experience with fireworks last night. They were the large type that one would see at a professional show that were clearly visible off our deck. Was he scared? No, this dog gave it a curious head tilt and left it at that. Guess we won't have to worry about that phobia!

-Mel, Corgi-keeper

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obligatory introductory post

Hello. My name is Darwin.


Unfortunately, as you are reading this, I am no longer able to fit under the couch. But at one time I was a little couch gremlin.

In case you were wondering, I am a nearly five month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi. This blog details my weekly adventures/misadventures.